Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Year's Resolution: Strengthen Your Desire For Change With Mindfulness Meditation

Every new year, people make new year's resolutions. But more often than not, these resolutions don't get achieved. In fact, many don't even last very long at all! Why? Because many times, the desire and cravings for old habits are not overcome, and it's easy to fall back to the old ways that keep us from losing weight, getting more successful, and more. There is a tool that can help however, a tool everyone can use to make their 2016 new year's resolution complete: mindfulness meditation.

What is mindfulness?

Put it simply, mindfulness is exerting effort to focus one's attention towards something specific. Thoughts that may end up distracting the person are deliberately nudged away to be able to focus. This is usually associated with time, focusing one's attention on the present moment, but can be used for everything else.

When mindfulness is used as meditation, that is, contemplating in a peaceful yet controlled manner, the addiction and craving, it can be a very powerful tool. It is composed of three key elements: remembering, being aware, and putting attention to it. The person needs to be aware of the craving they wish to take control of, put all their attention to it, and remember why they want to take control of it, keeping it in its place.

What mindfulness does in terms of cravings and addiction is they become better in living in the present, not worrying about the future rewards when they satisfy their addiction and not feeling bad about the past givings-in to their cravings. This helps them get rid of the wrong pleasant emotions they feel when they give in to the cravings, and the unpleasant emotions of guilt afterwards.

More importantly, mindfulness meditation increases the person's ability to be more aware of the cravings they are trying to get rid of, or avoid, or reduce. This goes hand in hand with their self-awareness, which has an overall benefit for the person, as they are able to be more accepting of themselves, which leads to less stress and anxiety, and give them more control of their emotions, which in turn strengthens their resolve against their cravings.

It is the exact opposite of what a vicious cycle is!

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Why are cravings strong?

Depending on what is being craved for, a craving is strong because it comes from the subconscious, after consciously satisfying the body and mind with a certain thing or activity. And when something is desired by the subconscious, it can be very hard to break free from it.

One of the big reasons why cravings are so hard to break off of is the association between the craving, and the reward. Many of us experience rewards on a daily basis, but addicts and cravers desire the rewards beyond simply just liking them. And that's what makes a craving and addiction so powerful, because many times the rewards are thought to be unreachable through any other means.

How to perform mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is done almost like any other meditation method, which we outlined in a previous blog post here. But in general, it involves the following basic steps:
  1. Sitting comfortably with good posture, depending on the kind of meditation selected.
  2. Controlled, deep breathing to relax the mind and body
  3. Focusing on the breath and nothing else (at least in the beginning.) Anything related to the breathing (how it fills the lungs with air, how the air rushes in the nostrils, for example) can be used as focal points.
  4. When the mind begins to wander, or more importantly, think about the craving, this is when extra steps are to be taken. Depending on your level of mindfulness or control, this can be any of the following:
      • gently nudging your mind away from thinking about the craving and focusing on the breathing.

      • focusing on the triggers of the craving. Why did you think and feel about the craving despite meditating and focusing on the breathing?

      • recognizing the emotions that arise from feeling the craving. Did you feel excited at the prospect of giving in? Do you feel angry or frustrated that you're meditating instead of indulging?

      • taking control and telling yourself that you are not your craving and your addiction, and that you dictate whether or not it makes you happy.

Mindfulness meditation is really about what the name implies: being more mindful. It is about focusing and recognizing the craving, and dealing with it. Try it for anything that you feel is starting to take control of your life, rather than the other way around, and it can do wonders to your new year's resolutions! Be inspired to manifest positive change in your life with the help of this binaural beats track.

The Power of Manifestation is widely used for achieving goals, but many think that merely thinking about it is enough. It is not. Using creative visualization greatly helps to give more confidence, focus, inspiration and motivation needed to really reach your desired goals. It clears a path for you. Using Brainwave Entrainment beats that range from 6Hz - 10Hz, which are directly associated with Creative Visualization, and the binaural frequency of Mars at 144.72Hz, this supports strength of will, focused energy, and ability for achievement. The Law of Attraction nicely binds together with Creative Visualization. Change your vibration into a rich, successful, happy you. Think and Act it out towards your outer world, and experience the goodness you’ll receive to your inner world.


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Friday, December 18, 2015

Finding Bliss: The Paths To Happiness And Joy In Life


To many, the goal in life is simple: to be happy. However, may people seem to have difficulty doing this the way they expect it to be these days, what with busy schedules and bills to pay and whatnot. But there is a secret: the paths to happiness are closer than we think.

The thing about happiness is that it’s both simple to achieve, and yet not, because some of the paths to happiness seem to go against what we may know and have been raised to believe. But when done right, in the right doses, based on what one is capable of doing, these paths to happiness will truly increase your happiness levels to new heights.

There are two kinds of paths to happiness: the paths for others, and the paths for yourself.

The Paths For Others

These are the things that involve our daily activities, things we do to our physical self, do outside to other people, to the world, our expression of self to everyone and everything else.

1.)    Give and Relate – when you care about others and give and extend help, gifts, or assistance. In addition to this, building relationships by relating to others, engaging in their joys, supporting them through their sorrows, and strengthening bonds through love and care, it makes us happy. Both of these paths also increase and widen our own social networks (no, I’m not talking about social media ones!) and give a sense of belonging that many people may find difficulty searching.

Suggested ways – volunteer in shelters and soup kitchens, budget a reasonable amount for regular gift giving, reconnect with old friends.

2.)    Be Active and Try Things – exercising and getting fit not only have physical benefits, they also have emotional and mental benefits as well. Getting an endorphin and adrenaline high can not only improve the mood at that moment, but also strengthen the body which in turn will also improve mental well-being. And you don’t need to be a triathlete or a gymrat to do this. Just be active in your own realistic ways! And once you’re active, try out new things. Learning skills and achieving milestones also brings us happiness and a sense of discovery, and in some cases, it is the path to discovering one’s true passions that can lead to an even happier life.
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Suggested ways – get a gym membership, go on regular walks with the dog, attend workshops, go back to school, go on hikes, enjoy nature.

3.)    Increase Awareness and Appreciation – there is more to life than what your eyes glance at as time whizzes by. The proverbial “stop and smell the roses” saying applies here! Increase your awareness through meditation, slow down your day to appreciate the many different things that are present in our world. When was the last time you paused and simply listened to birds chirping over breakfast? The last time you walked to work and smelled the different aromas of the city? Things like this. And once you appreciate what you have, what you experience everyday, it can make you a lot happier.

Suggested ways – walk to work sometimes, go to a park and read a book, find hidden places, engage in your hobby.

The Paths For Yourself

These are the things we do inward towards us, our mind and soul.

1.)    Accept Yourself, Find Meaning – we have to accept the fact that all of us are made, raised, and live differently, with even the slightest of nuances that differ us from the rest, despite what societal norms try to dictate. We should not compare who we are on the inside with what we see from other people outside. Accept who you truly are, what your heart really tells you, and it is the very powerful thing. And it is in accepting who we really are can we start to find meaning in our lives, what we are meant to do and give back to this world.

Suggested ways – meditate regularly, find like-minded peers and engage them, take time off and go on vacation, unleash your spirit to the universe.

2.)    Be In Touch With Ups And Downs – our lives will be an emotional rollercoaster ride. It won’t always be good, and it won’t always be bad, unless we choose to do nothing about it. Having the right attitude in experiencing the ups and downs, being grateful and sharing the positive emotions, and being strong and reaching out when needed during the negative emotions, trains our mind and soul to be stronger, bounce back better, and be happier in the long run.

Suggested ways – reflect, meditate, recall past experiences

3.)    Plan Your Path – having a compass for your life goal can be a daunting task, but once written down, or planned ahead, you will find that when you achieve milestones that adhere to this compass, each one will bring you happiness and joy. So have that plan ahead!

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why Do We Have Recurring Dreams?

Our dreams are caused, and affected by, many things in our lives, from our memorable experiences, to unresolved issues in the past and the present, to fears about the future. Even the start of our lucid dreams, before we achieve lucidity, are affected the same way. But what happens when certain dreams repeat regularly, almost always exactly the same way? What are the causes of this and what can we do about it?

Attention grabber

Many experts believe that, because dreams are caused by our experiences and fears that a recurring dream is probably caused by the same triggers being unresolved or unfixed. A recurring dream sends a message for the dreamer that has been ignored, and will keep on repeating, saying “Pay attention to me!” until something is done about it.

There are basically two kinds of recurring dreams:

A pleasurable recurring dream, such as that of traveling to a magnificent place, or being intimate with someone specific, means something positive that needs to be addressed. For example, a recurring dream about a beautiful specific place might mean that the person needs to go on a vacation back to that place where they have been to, or to be in a place similar to have a positive effect on their life.
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As well, a dream about being intimate about someone specific, such as a celebrity or an athlete, may mean that the dreamer may need to pursue or integrate a specific aspect or feature, whether masculine or feminine, that the person being dreamt about represented. For example, being intimate with a specific athlete repeatedly might mean that the dreamer must improve their physicality or fitness.  As soon as the dreams stop, it may mean that the qualities they admired and desired from the person they’re dreaming about have been integrated into their lives already, one way or another.

The second kind of recurring dream is much more unpleasant.

Recurring nightmares

From mild anxiety dreams to that of true terror, recurring nightmares also mean unresolved tasks and issues that need attention, or fears that need to be addressed. Especially notable are those who experienced trauma, such as returning soldiers or anyone who has PTSD; they will often have nightmares that replay the traumatic events they went through.

Achieving lucidity and facing these crippling nightmares head on can be a chance to improve the well-being of the dreamer, as a way to deal with the unresolved issues. For instance, a dream about being chased by something can be turned into a chance to build courage by being lucid, turning around, and facing the chaser head on. But the best way is to try and deal with the main cause of the recurring nightmare head on when you wake up.

However, milder anxiety dreams that are recurring often mean something easier to deal with in the waking world that need to be resolved fast, and sometimes the dreams still occur even after those tasks have been finished. This is often because the mind decompresses from the daily events it has processed, and is trying to clear itself for the next day.

Whether it’s a pleasant or unpleasant dream, recurring dreams speak messages that need to be heard. Listen to them and make your life better in the process! And when the dream is a nightmare, face it head on by lucid dreaming with the help of our lucid dream track.

The Quasar Pulse Lullaby track was inspired by the metaphysical notions of astral projections and lucid dreaming experiences by people who have traveled through the cosmos. This 4-part track contains brainwave entrainment frequencies that coincide with the different stages of sleep and REM. Prominent throughout the track are dream enhancing binaurals that will help your mind in exercising its imagination. Breathe deep. Relax. Close your eyes and set the scenario to which you would like to travel in your dreams. Focusing on the DreamScape will further help in attaining vivid dreams.

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